Lafeng Entertainment Co., Ltd.(referred to as “Lafeng Entertainment”) is a professional international media company engaged in investment and production of drama and film, and artist management. Incorporated in 2006, Lafeng Entertainment has set up various subsidiaries in Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang, including Lafeng Entertainment Co., Ltd., Beijing Lafeng Film & Drama Investment Co., Ltd., Beijing Lafeng Element Culture Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Lafeng Brother Film & Drama Co., Ltd.. Such layout guarantees Lafeng’s presence throughout South China£¨Yangtze River territory£© and North China(Beijing territory).

Lafeng Entertainment has invested and produced many dramas which won both high audience rating and good critic review, such as the Last Princess, the Single Mother, the Diamond Family, Sacred Beads, 3S Lady, The Emperor’s Harem, Love in the War Time, Mystery in the Palace, Coming Home, Women of the Tang Dynasty, Fight of the Youth, For the Sake of Beauty, A Splendid Family, Tears of Women, Marry into the Purple, Liu Hai Plays with Gold Toad, Earth God and Earth Grandmother, Man Has Tears Too, the Ambush, and Blood Is Thicker Than Water, just to name a few. Those dramas have introduced Lafeng Entertainment to billions of audience at home and abroad.

With international professional team, Lafeng Entertainment is attentive to details and quality from development, pre-production, production, and post-production. With its dramas aired at leading broadcasting platforms, Lafeng Entertainment has won acclaim by the audience at home and abroad. Its dramas have set up rating records from time to time.

Embracing honesty and good-will, Lafeng Entertainment is aiming at becoming the trend-setter in the film and drama industry. Lafeng Entertainment uses its best effort to maximize the value of its shareholders and employees as well. Based in China and aiming at international media market, Lafeng Entertainment is becoming the leading film and drama company.