Corporate Culture

Core Strengths of Lafeng Entertainment

Brand awareness, young and professional team, sustained long-term system, and eadership in overseas market are the hardcore four strengths of Lafeng ntertainment.

Brand Influence

Incorporated by Mr. Chen Meilin, Lafeng Entertainment has built sound brand wareness and image. As the trend-setter of film and drama industry, Lafeng ntertainment is famous for its quality dramas which set up rating record from time o time.

Professional Young Team

After seven years of operation, Lafeng Entertainment has nurtured and developed a rofessional young team consisting of talents specialized in investment, filming, riting, directing, acting, and marketing. The team boasts of strong ability to integrate resources, to realize the combination of artistic value and business value. Lafeng Entertainment has built up a productive and effective young team in writing, directing, and performing.

Sustainable and Long-term System

Lafeng Entertainment has set up sustainable and long-term system of producing film and drama. Lafeng Entertainment has entered the sound cycling of “nurturing and utilizing”, which guarantees fast growth of the company and increases its capacity against risk.

Leader in Overseas Market

Lafeng Entertainment has taken the lead to enter video Internet and video mobile phone market. Dramas and video produced by Lafeng Entertainment entered international market which enhanced the strength and influence of Lafeng Entertainment in international market. As a widow to showcase Chinese culture, Lafeng Entertainment has become the pioneer of Chinese enterprise who export its culture product to foreign countries. Lafeng Entertainment promotes it brand image of “Chinese Culture Broadcaster”. Besides, Lafeng Entertainment has worked closely with China Culture International Film & TV Trade Center. Lafeng Entertainment has signed exclusive contract with celebrated screenwriters, directors, and producers. With the growth of the ratio of international sales revenue from international market, international market has become one of Lafeng Entertainment’s profit sources.

Comprehensive Marketing

If the quality of a drama is the base to its success, marketing is the key to realize such success. Lafeng Entertainment boasts of best professional media people and marketing elite in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. The elite team guarantees the comprehensive marketing of each drama. Besides, Lafeng Entertainment boasts of sound media resources, covering 150 nationwide newspapers, 50 TV channels, and 5 Internet portals. This guarantees that Lafeng Entertainment can make quick response to coordinate all the major media throughout China and make comprehensive marketing.